United States Army Military Doctrine Redesign

Project Brief

I undertook the responsibility of devising a solution for the United States Army, focusing on developing an online platform to access The Military Doctrine. The source materials I received were exclusively in PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. The key challenge was to guarantee accessibility for soldiers, even in any field condition. Additionally, it was imperative to ensure that the information remained readily available and responsive, catering to any specific device used by the soldiers.

  • Information Architecture

  • Graphic Design

  • OmniGraffle

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Bootstrap

  • JQuery

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javacript

Conceptual Design Mockups

Initial Concept Planning

Gathered all requirements and all necessary documentation

Draft & Revisions

Drafted and refined wireframes for the entire application structure.

Conducted user testing on various devices.

Incorporated revisions based on feedback from user testing.

Final Delivery

Responsive website & application

The site was available for offline viewing and could be installed on the soldiers devices

Strong Brands

The U.S. Army’s strong brand is the result of its rich history, commitment to values, training and expertise, effective marketing, and a sense of patriotism and service. It is a combination of these factors that has helped it build and maintain a powerful and enduring brand image.

United States Army

Excellent Results

The project resulted in the successful development and implementation of an online platform tailored to the United States Army’s needs for designing and structuring Military Doctrine. This platform addressed the challenges of accessibility in field conditions, responsiveness across devices, and user satisfaction, ultimately enhancing the Army’s capabilities and efficiency in this critical area of military operations.

Tech Stack Used