Open Road Brands
Website Redesign (B2B)

Open Road Brands, a renowned provider of licensed, vintage-inspired art and home décor, is seeking a website redesign to enhance its online presence, improve user experience, and drive increased engagement and sales. This project aims to revamp Open Road Brands website to align with the company’s brand identity, streamline user journeys, and offer an immersive shopping experience.

The Challenge

The main challenge with this project was designing and developing within a framework. The code could not be changed or altered in any way. The biggest task was to improve the overall website usability, making it more intuitive, visually appealing, and responsive across devices.

The Solution

The website redesign for Open Road Brands presented an exciting opportunity to elevate the company’s online presence and customer experience. By aligning the website with the brand’s identity, optimizing e-commerce functionality, and ensuring mobile responsiveness, Open Road Brands achieve its digital goals and drive business growth.

Open Road Brands Website Redesign
Open Road Brands Website Redesign

Design is a fundamental and creative aspect of the redesign process for the Open Road Brands Shop website. It encompasses a wide range of visual and user experience elements that are carefully crafted to enhance the website’s aesthetics, usability, and overall appeal.

Website Redesign
Open Road Brands Website Redesign

The Process

Design Mockups

Design mockups play a pivotal role in the process of redesigning the Open Road Brands Shop website. They serve as the visual blueprints, providing a tangible representation of how the website will look and function after the redesign.


The development of the Open Road Brands Shop website involves executing the design vision through coding, implementing functionality, optimizing performance, ensuring security, and rigorous testing. The goal is to create a fully functional, attractive, and user-centric online shopping platform that aligns with the brand’s objectives and effectively serves its customers.


Deployment is the crucial final phase in the redesign of the Open Road Brands Shop website, marking the transition from development to making the new website accessible to the public. This process involves carefully transferring all the developed components from the development environment to the live production environment.


Once the website has been successfully deployed and thoroughly tested, it is officially launched and made accessible to the public. This may be accompanied by marketing and promotional activities to announce the redesign to users and customers.

Strong Brands

Open Road Brands is a top provider of home décor products, featuring classic, iconic, and beloved brands. Offering a wide selection across various categories, from traditional American heritage to pop culture favorites, they cater to diverse tastes. Renowned for high-quality products, innovative designs, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, their talented team of designers and developers continuously creates appealing new products for a broad consumer base.


Excellent Results

The new Open Road Brands website is a significant improvement over the previous website. The new design is more modern and visually appealing, and the new navigation and search features make it easier for customers to find the products they love. The new website also features a variety of other new features that make it a more informative and engaging experience for customers.